Tuesday, March 1, 2011

forcing it.


last night, i found a big hunk of wood with new branches and tiny buds sticking out of it outside my building. it reminded me that spring is coming and that it is time to force branches, if i so choose. the other one (in the vase by patrick fisher) is a twig i found in december. it has been slowly making green buds ever since. i don't know what either of these branches might do - i am guessing i am going to see leaves instead of flowers, if anything at all. but it is kind fo exciting to watch.

if any pals out there have branches that they know will make flowers, i'd be happy to collect a few. i haven't successfully forced flowering branches since i was little.


Marzipan said...

I did this recently with a winter bouquet I bought for myself. There was a branch that came with the bouquet. A friend of mine had said she never gives flowers the plant food, because she doesn't see cut flowers as something that is still growing, but just dying slowly. I decided to challenge that, and kept the branch in water for almost 4.5 months now. It grew so tall, leafed, and flowered small white flowers which were so beautiful, and dried up into little seed packets. I'm saving them to put in the dirt in front of my building to see if anything grows. Just kept it in a vase with water and lots of sun. Nice branch. Backy.

Anonymous said...

It looks adorable!

Camila F.

roisin said...

we have a huge, unruly forsythia bush in out London backyard - I am going to miss the explosion of yellow this year and bringing branches inside. I'm hoping there is something spectacular in Calgary to make up for missing spring in my garden.