Wednesday, March 2, 2011


i wonder (2)b

last night, i went out to see marian bantjes talk at ocad is support of her new book, i wonder, and of her show at the onsite gallery and spent some precious birthday money on a copy of her book. at first glance (which is all i have had time for yet), the design is stunning. i can't wait to dig into its real meat. it isn't going to be easy for my magpie brain, either.

speaking of substance, i found the talk interesting but a little light on the elements of bantjes' work i find myself most compelled by - namely, the transition from design to art and the integration of personal expression into graphic design. instead, her talk focused on material and technique. maybe this is because it was a talk at a school.

as mentioned, the book is beautiful.

i wonder (4)b

i wonder (5)b

i wonder (6)b

i wonder (7)b

i did find a little manufacturing flaw in the back end papers. i saw a few more copies like this, too. i really want to accept it as the wabi-sabi that makes the book even more perfect because of its flaws. instead, the perfectionist in me feels guiltily cheated.


Shannah said...

Oh look at that little bent corner! I kind of like it.

I got this book for Bruce for a christmas gift (kind of for me too)!
I think you'd like this book that I gave Bruce for his birthday:

Happy Reading!

sweetie pie press said...

wow, shannah, that's amazing!

Tara Bursey said...

Beautiful photos, Becky! Way better than my rather budget-looking I Wonder exhibition photos...

I am considering buying this as well. Nice autograph!