Tuesday, March 1, 2011

on the mend, again.


given that i laid out a serious list of resolutions this year, i am happy to report follow through on any of them. the office is still a mess (the clean-up having been hindered greatly by a month-long ceiling leak that just dried up), but at least i put a dent in the mending pile. i had to clear off the sewing machine table for this one - two old dresses repaired in their backs and sleeves. apparently, the women of yesteryear weren't quite so broad as i in the shoulders. or maybe i am not thrifting in areas that are doukhobor enough.

and my ever-mended slippers are getting another coat of darning. this time, i am using some safety orange wool that shannon gave me. this will, hopefully, prevent me from getting shot in the soles of my feet when i, inevitable, go hunting in my slippers. i wonder if and when i will ever give up on these guys.



Rhya said...

becky those dresses are so cute! i hear you about women of yesteryear though...i also don't think they had arm i prove this theory every time i try on vintage and find sleeves not going past my elbow!

Jaime! said...

this reminds me of a conversation jerry and I had today. While cooking dinner (a pasta soup) I covered the pan and turned the heat off to let it cook itself. He told me no one does this, and neither should I. I said yeahuh they do! check out this video of a woman who only cooks food made in the depression the way they made it

he said we don't live the depression, we don't have to cook this way. And then I saw your blog post. Maybe he should have this conversation with you, too. But I think you should rock out with your mended self. Its what I will be doing tonight.