Wednesday, February 2, 2011

both eyes at once.

there is so much stuff passing by my eyes right now, it's hard to keep up.

1.meags' new ambidextrous training video is hypnotizing me. read the background here.
2. amy's new image blog is also knocking me out.
3. i made some etsy treasuries. you will like them if you like houses, towns, triangles or words.
4. snow forts.

for most of this week, i have been spending my time doing lots of things for myself and others.

1. writing some contributing posts for the newly relaunched toronto craft alert.
2. getting ready for the love and rummage trunk show this weekend. this means posting a string of vendor profiles here (wow, they are really an exciting crew) as well as making stuff and sorting rummage.
3. cleaning my home and sorting sorting sorting.

all in all, and given many alternatives, i would rather watch meags do difficult things with focus and both hands.

happy hog day and happy snow day, hogtown.


Rhya said...

Ohhh i love that image blog B! So great. Hope all is well with you. Going to try and hit up the rummage show this weekend. Hopefully i will get a chance to say hello!

sweetie pie press said...

oh, rhya! it has been so long. yes, come by and give me a squeeze!

Rhya said...

I bring you smiles and tap moves...