Wednesday, February 2, 2011

cheap housing.

shannon's heidelberg house

please pardon my inability to take a good picture. this is one of the drawings i got from shannon at her studio sale. actually, i got it later over evening teas in her new home under my home.

some of you may recognize this house. it is from the heidelberg project in detroit. this was one of many illustrations from the graphic novel, sword of my mouth that she is clearing out at mega cheap prices. there will be more at the love & rummage trunk show.


Dory Kornfeld said...

Oh man, I love this! I want one for _my_ house collection (where this is hanging:! Can I mail order from love and rummage?

sweetie pie press said...

no mail order to the show but i was trying to encourage shannon to post some drawings on etsy. it's kind of an undertaking to scan a million drawings, though. she has a book's worth. oh, and they are mostly of mutants.