Thursday, February 3, 2011

bedroom community.

bedroom houses (5)b

please pardon my glare. i don't know where my polarizing filter is and i was standing on aitor in bed to take these pictures. actually, pardon my cruddy colour correcting skills while you are at it, too.

but, i digress. i have been holding off posting pictures of this particular part of my home because it was a major mess. it is now a mid-sized mess but a few frames and nails really put it over a hump. i have an inexplicable interest in drawings of houses. it has actually grown into quite a tidy little collection - and it is growing. i managed to frame up these two new houses last night. one is a brand new gift from leah. i will have to write down the artist's name when leah finally digs herself out of a weirton snow drift and comes back home (here). the other is the heidelberg house drawing i got from shannon. i lucked out and found frame/matte combos at ikea that worked passably well for both of these. man, i hate ikea. but that's another story.

bedroom houses (6)b

bedroom houses (9)b

below is another difficult-to-photograph village on the wall of our silly built-in closet. it drives me nutty that i can't keep anything straight in this apartment. this place (like many old buildings in parkdale) entirely defies the concept of 'level'. actually, my lens plays some tricks, too.

why am i wallowing in apology today? anyway, this grouping holds some serious treasures - a drawing from my dad's place (i am working on finding out who made it), andrew zangerl, betsy walton, cecelia hayes...

bedroom houses (12)b

there are a few more pieces still looking for a place to land (an embroidery and a drawing by caitlyn), but this is currently the bulk of it. and if i had the funds, this village would grow.


neonfoxtongue said...

Nice houses! I like the barn on fire in particular.

He doesn't just do houses, but you might like some of Andrew King's work. He's an artist in Ottawa.

sweetie pie press said...

gillian wilson is also an artist whose work i love (but i stupidly didn't buy any when i had a chance). hopefully some day! her houses are so lovely - and local!

katie walker said...

thats a great collection of wall art, i really like the one in the oval frame!