Monday, January 3, 2011

a year in review.

i've been seeing a few year in review photo montages popping up in the blogs i read (karyn and anabela, for starters) but it was faythe's post that finally tipped me over the edge and inspired me to go back through my archives and do my own.

icy window
january - toronto, on

triangles 1
february - toronto, on

diy security installation 52b
march - toronto, on

knit cafe 7b
april - toronto, on

trampoline routine (21)
may - philadelphia, pa

indieana handicraft exchange (28)b
june - indianapolis, in

belleville (7)b
july - belleville, il

eureka (1)b
august - eureka, ca

ljubljana (3)b
september - ljubljana, slovenia

nuremberg (41)
october - fürth, germany

louisville (4)b
november - lousiville, ky

city of craft 2010 (116)b
december - toronto, on

i still have yet to upload all my pictures from 2010. it's a big job. but looking back through all the places, people and projects i have been involved with in the last year is entirely worth it. i have a real problem with looking forward and living beyond the present. this says nothing of my near inability to take stock of my past accomplishments and feel satisfied. 2010 was not a year without difficulties (are there such years?) but it was all jammed full with beauty, adventure, creativity, other people, magic and growth.

thanks for inspiring me, pals!

here's the whole thing on flickr.


Faythe Levine said...

Looking at your photos I sorta feel like we could of had the same year. Or maybe it's just that we both have a similar shooting style & like to do rad shit.

Awesome post. x

sweetie pie press said...

it's funny because i always see you as more jet set than i am. i think it is because i rarely travel by plane. really, we are both crisscrossing the world to keep it balanced.

Shannah said...

Happy new year wishes your way!
I'm partial to Mr. July there but would love to visit any one of these. Thanks for sharing Becky:)

sweetie pie press said...

i had forgotten i took that picture of mr. july. he's such a stoic joy. easily my best picture of the month.