Tuesday, January 4, 2011

crate expectations.

wooden crate + old pillow + old towel + tiny knit blanket = cat bed.

the fickle beast's adoption of its use = small miracle.

at least it is giving her a home base while i move furniture, sort, shred, wrestle a tree out of the apartment and generally shuffle around like a weirdo.

your faithful narrator = weird cat lady.


darcy dubose said...

i've been doing many of thing same things. all while trying to keep a grey kitty out of my lap.

anabela / fieldguided said...

Ahh! That crate makes me feel so nostalgic. In pictures from my childhood there are always bottles of soda on the tables with that logo on them. A great find.

sweetie pie press said...

the crate came from freecycle years ago. i promised to give it a good home (actually, there are two).

not having grown up in ontario, cynar was not part of my formative years. i am glad to hear it holds memories for people from here.

Bindu said...

Nice to see the cat in the crate!!!
Happy new year.