Saturday, January 1, 2011

resolutions: mend.

i have so much broken stuff and so many of the skills necessary to fix said stuff.

this year, i am going to work mending into my life in a more regular and meaningful way. mending mondays? we will see. whatever it is, i can not continue to live with a heap of broken (usually ripped) things that i won't part with and can't use.

the mending heap i have been preparing is daunting to say the least. i have to keep reminding myself of the great feelings that will come from tackling it.

to start the year off right, i did one of my best darn jobs to date on the socks i am currently wearing. a darning mushroom goes a long way, it would seem.


shannongerard said...

this is a good one. i too have a pile. perhaps we can mutual mend for love and support.

sweetie pie press said...

mending is a neighbourly things to do in community. mending fences, anyway.

sarah said...

I have a pile, too. It's so much more exciting to make new things than to mend the old, but it must be done!