Friday, December 31, 2010

resolutions: work smarter, not harder.

crochet pile

doing unnecessary things is a very important component in the magical arts of creation. that said, unnecessary things seem to be driving me into the ground these days - physically, psychically, financially.

in 2011, i am going to explore the tension between frill and true beauty in the hopes of finding less taxing ways to do exciting things. i am also going to do some very boring but empowering work in the realms of organization and streamlining. i want and need more time for rest and leisure (my leisure-looking digital mythology can be deeply deceiving). so what has to go? i have some ideas.

for now, i am making timelines and spreadsheets and putting systems and procedures into place so that i can continue to entrench myself in this handmade life without having to live in a cardboard box...or a car...or a cardboard car.

it's tedious and thrilling all at once.


Krystal said...

Word! Or words, rather. You took them right outta my mouth...I've already got my new agenda filled with deadlines. Looking for a fresh, organized approach. We'll see how long this lasts!

sweetie pie press said...

yeah, exactly. in fact, i don't even have a 2011 day planner yet! what a failure.