Thursday, December 30, 2010

resolutions: health.

i have been out of the (thankfully free) health care system for years now. after a lifetime of chronic problems, i got fed up and disillusioned with the poking and prodding and over-medicating and side effects so i threw in the towel.

well, i am getting older and new, bizarre things are starting to happen. now that i actually survived my thirtieth birthday, it feels like i might want to start making some efforts to stick around for a while. although past experiences have led me to give very little credence to the white man's medicine, i am submitting myself to a new battery of tests and needles and - yes - gut decimating antibiotics.

pictured above is my new daily regimen of vitamins. this is a relatively innocuous investment in my health and well being. apparently, all northern people are low in vitamin d. i am also eating what amounts to ground-up oyster shells for my bones and muscles. why my body would need this, i don't know but my back definitely feels better after a month.

whether i stick with whitey's pills or look for (thanklessly not free) alternatives, i have committed to caring about my corporal survival more this year.

art and thought alone do not keep art and thought alive...or so i am told.


neonfoxtongue said...

That's a good committment to make. I had a random health scare in 2010 and found out I was B12 deficient (something that usually happens to vegetarians, which I am not). Now I get monthly shots of B12 and it's helped my energy levels quite a bit. It's weird to me that our diets have changed so much that we don't get the nutrients our bodies need. Or were our ancestors vitamin deprived too?

I'm thinking of taking vitamin D - what dosage are you taking?

Sarah said...


My mom just sent me a journal write up about magnesium chloride. Good thing gmail didn't file it in spam - NEW WONDER SUPPLEMENT!!! - because it sounds pretty great.

Here's to taking vitamins because we're old ladies! I'm 30 as well and plan on living forever. SEE YOU THERE.

sweetie pie press said...

michelle - i am taking 1000 vitamin d units a day.

but i should mention that all of this is being done under the supervision of my doctor. i feel very lucky to live in canada where i have this sort of preventative and maintenance treatment access for free.

i am no doctor or health practitioner, though, and am entirely loathe to hand out medical advice.

leah b said...

i, too take vitamin d and some sort of fish oil supplement! but, i have trouble doing it every day.

sweetie pie press said...

that's why i made the resolution a little more open than daily dosings. some parts of this resolution are making me feel like barfing.