Wednesday, December 29, 2010

resolutions: clean the fuck up.

i can't believe i am sharing this secret shame with the internet. anyone who has been to my home will know that this trash pile is my horrifying "studio/office".

this is what happens after packing everything into my room during our four month tour, then coming home for three weeks, then touring europe for five weeks, then returning home with city of craft and a string of craft fairs to attend to.

i haven't been in there to work since before we left for tour on the first of may. it has basically maintained its status as a nonsense storage room for more than half a year. me and my crochet and by buttons and my zines have all been spreading out in the living room and kitchen table and it is all threatening to consume my home life. basically, this mess has become a spiralling nightmare due to neglect and too many on-the-road adventures.

i pledge not just to clean this room up and return it to its pre-tour glory; i also want to do a major purge and some painting and wallpapering to finally make the hub of all my craft activities better than it has ever been. 2011 will be your year, plucky work centre.

what does this mean for you? well, all my winter and spring trunk show appearances will include healthy heapings of great rummage that i simply don't have room for. my collection for the love and rummage trunk show already looks to be filling up with suitcases, train cases and state plates. i'll be previewing some of that loot here in greater detail over the next month - so stay tuned.

ugh. looking at that picture makes me want to barf up a hair ball.


roisin said...

ha! I love your secret shame, I have shared mine a couple of times on my blog. I have tackled the bedroom and bathroom, now I am only my studio and office [and car - it is still full of city of craft stuff!].

Lisa PN said...

thanks for sharing! it almost inspired me to post my house post birth of baby, but not quite! One day my home will be back to it's old cosy self, but until then..a bit of chaos didn't hurt anyone!!
good luck with your purge and look forward to the Love and Rummage Trunk Show!


leah b said...

you've seen my shame. i just have less stuff (right now).

also! i'm going to be in toronto the very same day as the love & rummage show! i have too much to do before then to even think about it, but reading this makes me so happy.

sweetie pie press said...

that's so exciting!

if only you had enough lead time to unload some of your rummage.

leah b said...

that's okay. i'm coming with not much else but the clothes on my back and a big empty suitcase to collect my winter clothes. (our water heater dies regularly...)

but yes! i'm totally stoked!