Tuesday, December 28, 2010

post-deluvian deluge.

yesterday i made a move against my impulses and ventured out into to post-holiday world of discounts and mayhem.

my outing started with my first visit to the eaton's centre in years. i had to make some exchanges and decided it was best to get it over with. i really don't tend to like malls and this was a full-on mall experience - sour faced retail employees telling me i was doing everything wrong, glassy-eyed dads holding bags and napping on benches with hot dog stains on their shirts. i made my exchanges and cheesed it.

then to pick up some materials for my next entry to the wunderkabinet and over to the annual romni wools boxing day sale. i go later and later every year because i have less and less tenacity when to comes to crowds and lines. by about two or three there are no lines left and still plenty of deals to be had.

some pretty choice yarns had been moved down to the bargain basement which means my next neck warmers are going to be made out of slightly swankier stuff than i can usually afford - there is some angora and cashmere and alpaca in the mix. get ready, cold necks!

i also stopped into narwhal on the way home. it's always so lovely in there. the curatorial eye is so present in what they do. there are also a lot of familiar names in the current show (shannon, julie moon, sarah mcneil). there was so much stuff i would love to purchased if my money wasn't all be directed towards materials right now. their selections are just totally perfect. their current show, the unicorn, comes down friday. narwhal and magic pony are also taking the month of january to consolidate so i suggest popping in now. also, the catalogue from the dazzle (which i was hoping to pick up) is currently sold out but they are expected more in the next week or two.


shannongerard said...

you mean those lines CLEAR UP? i always go right at the start to get in line before it gets bad, bu it always gets so bad right away.

sweetie pie press said...

the cash line is normall smaller, so i bring cash. but yeah, in the afternoon there is no line. i guess some stuff is gone but i still scored all i needed and more. i shop there with pretty open expectations.

i can show you my scores tonight!

shannongerard said...

hrm. maybe next year i will try going later!! i got some good stuff too.
i am feeling laaaaaaazzzzy and will probably stay home tonight.

sweetie pie press said...

aitor is making toddies again. just sayin'.