Tuesday, December 28, 2010

resolutions: the revenge of print.

revenge of print logo by henry owings

thanks to the good folks at atomic books in baltimore, i have been spurred from my literary torpor and motivated to commit to putting out at least one zine this year. in all the other activity i have found myself embroiled in, i was sickened to see how long it has been since i put out any zine at all. sickened, i say! that's why their 2011 - revenge of the print campaign is so perfectly timed for me.

i am hoping for another issue of 'point form' and one more 'a cette dame'. with a new, cleaner workspace this challenge should be a lot easier.

need further zine inspiration, yourself? i highly recommend making yourself a cup of hot tea and digging into tara bursey's lovely mix of retrospective and musings on zine culture in toronto (and in her life) here. it's for broken pencil's 50th issue. i may just have a cameo in said magazine - all the more reason to justify my presence with some new issues.

with book-as-art-object publishing house, pas-de-chance, putting out projects again and zine dream heading towards its fourth summer show i feel like the toronto zine world has been undergoing a rebirth of sorts. some folks clearly had to take time off and some twentysomethings had to step up to fill voids left by tired thirtysomethings (i am talking the thankless world of zine fair presenting here). me, i can say that the zinester in me was just hibernating (it is true that business and blogging stole me from zine making and pen pals). but 2011 is going to be my year to print again...if only just a little bit.


Tara Bursey said...

This is great! I too am resolving to make zines a bigger part of my life in '11. I'm even doing another issue of my old zine for the Revenge of Print campaign! I'm super excited about it!

leah b said...

ummm...not to jump on the bandwagon or anthing, but have i mentioned to you ladies my plan for the summer exhibition of the wunderkabinet.

i need to chat with both of yous when i'm in town.

sweetie pie press said...

well, i know, anyway.

and this is a bandwagon you are supposed to jump on.