Monday, December 27, 2010

resolutions: mail by snail.

post cards

in 2011 i am going to send more snail mail. it doesn't have to be by much (and i won't actually keep count, because that is something i don't have time for) by i have felt sad at my lack of postal prowess in the past few years. this blog is a bit to blame (not that i kept it up very well this year, either).

2010 saw me away from my partner for a longer stretch than i have been away from him in years. we're the kind of lonesome weirdos who like that sort of space. though i missed him a lot, i also got to write him the near-daily postcards that figured so heavily into our courtship and early days together.

i'm not just going to write more to aitor, though. i'm just going more involved with mail.

maybe i can kick-start the resolution with this offer meags has made. or maybe i will write to the people i met through the mail. i even heard some mumbles that the folks at cranky yellow in st. louis might produce some kind of snail mail service. i'm listening.

if all goes well, i will realize a project in this direction within the next couple of weeks. fingers crossed!


Unknown said...

There's also the wonderful world of Postcrossing!

katie s. said...

my husband works out of town for months at a stretch (though usually gets home every weekend or two for a visit) and we're also the kind of lonesome weirdos who kind of like it, even though it's also kind of awful. but it is indeed a good excuse to come up with sweet ways to keep in touch. good luck with 2011!

Marzipan said...

did you get the kitty postcard?

sweetie pie press said...

kitty postcard? probably. if it came before city of craft i was experiencing exhaustion black outs then. also, aitor likes to steal the cool postcards we get.

Cranky Yellow and Beyond said...


You're wonderful as is your blog.
Inspired beyond compare to make this gem a reality:

The Department of Universal Cranky Snail Mailery

You're like the poster-child!

xo from yer friends at the yellow.

sweetie pie press said...


seriously, cranky, i expect better from you.

let's mail at one another! it's almost a new year!

sweetie pie press said...

ps - is this real, cranks? did i nudge it into reality for real?

Cranky And the Duh's said...

Everything is real if you make it.

Playing with official seeming logo-age, just for good measure.

Word. on paper. to cranky.