Thursday, January 27, 2011

post to post.

mini postal board (7)b

i just got back from another laser-filled afternoon at the workroom where karyn was helping me make these new mini versions of the canadian postal measuring devices. in truth, those two slots are the most important part of the whole deal. i also included the maximum measurements and weights for standard and oversize lettermail beneath their corresponding slots. with this and a tape measure, you are pretty much in business. i think these little guys are a pretty good improvement on the big model. they are much more portable and, most importantly, more affordable.

this last batch was made from some pretty plywood. it's going to take more sanding on my part to finish them up but i find the grain on them quite fetching. i may also do a few in masonite. these should pop up in the etsy shop next week and will be available for purchase at the love and rummage trunk show - with charming little ribbons in their hanging holes, naturally.

mini postal board (9)b


t a n y a said...

LOVE this. The new model is a great size and love the wood grain.

amy dame said...

oooh! i've been saying forever that i should make myself one of these, but i've never gotten around to it, and even if i had, it wouldn't be this fabulous! i really love plywood.

and i'm so jealous of the laser cutter at the workroom. the next time i come to toronto i totally need to bring a project with me!

Claire Louise Milne said...

perfect! such a smart design.
I'm looking forward to love & rummage!!

sweetie pie press said...

thanks, guys! after some sanding and ribbon-tying, these guys will be ready to shoot out into the world. and right after the postal rate hike, no less.

also, lasers are fun.