Wednesday, January 26, 2011

climbing geometries.

hexagonal pot holder

zook hex sign

as i sort through my office (in accordance with my resolution to do so), i keep finding objects that were important enough for me to collect on the road. sometimes the way things fit together is very clear to me and sometimes it takes a while to figure out. i have been thinking about this a lot as i work towards my week as guest author on the four for the day blog.

these guys may or may not figure into my fours. there is no shortage of fours-of-things around here. but they really go me to thinking about my impulses to collect. i did not buy the pot holder in that louisville thrift store because i wanted to use it as a pot holder. i bought it because it is crocheted, because it is a hexagon and because the progression of colours just slayed me. it seems more at home with this decorative souvenir hex sign (also thrifted) than with the kitchen utensils. so what is this - this impulse to reorder already ordered sets of things? whatever it is, it comforts me. as i brush away the settled junk that does not speak to me these equally unimportant objects (by economic standards) get some space around them. i have to wonder why they hold so much importance and beauty to me.

maybe i am just working towards making my own nonsense string of mythological symbols - like led zeppelin did.

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