Friday, January 28, 2011

a dusting.


i have been cleaning and tidying (or trying to) this week.

in a similar way, i have also been accumulating dribs and drabs of news that you need to hear about.


1. shannon's big crazy art clearance sale is happening sunday. check it out on facebook here. she told me that things that are normally $100 will be $50 and things that are normally $50 will be $10! crazy!

2. ray's new book is out. you can get it here as well as seeing the two wonderful preview videos he made. videos of visual idea jokes = good. he also has a show about to open at katharine mulherin here in toronto. i will be at that opening for sure!

3. the toronto craft alert is coming back to life on monday and i am a contributor! what have we been doing in the months without it? i've been busy getting listings and little pieces together for the relaunch. start buzzing, toronto; this great resource is being reborn.

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