Sunday, January 30, 2011

fogged out (or my attempts at design week).

capacity (3)b

last night leah (just in from berlin) and i made a brave attempt to dip into some design week activities by going to the capacity opening at bookhou. it was totally packed and steamy. the work looks lovely, but it was stressing me out to watch people lean on/eat over/grab at/jostle the installations. i am going to go back and take it all in at my leisure while the show is still up. really, the work on display looked wonderful, but the party vibe is not really my thing. i found the prettiest solace from the outside...

capacity (4)b

capacity (6)b

capacity (10)b

we also spied this amazing piece by grant heaps in the gallery or cafe next door (i am sorry, it was cold and i wasn't paying very good attention to the storefront name).

grant's deer

after that, we managed to sneak into made for a look around and rounded out the evening with some subdued chat at the magpie. yes, we left before the saturday night bar crowd kicked into full gear. is my lack of raucous party keeping me back from full art scene integration? probably. but there's no way i can hack all the little black dresses and elbows. i'm a happier peeping tom.

the last bits of design week warrant some less-crowded revisits on my part. it's so nice to see design blossom onto the streets during these cold, bleak days.

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