Monday, September 27, 2010


boy does it pay to have friends all over the place. toronto to düsseldorf, düsseldorf to graz and then jacob was waiting for me at the airport. before running off to his rehearsal, he showed me quick sights, took me to an eat-as-you-wish pat-as-you-wish vegetarian restaurant and dropped me at his home for some tea, some internet and a shower.

and is there anything more normalizing than a cat visit? that's bubbles.

alright, now that i am clean and refreshed, it is time to dive back into this foreign country and see if i can't get myself on a train to slovenia.


michelle/nft said...

Slovenia is awesome! We loved Ljubljana when we visited in 2008.

I know some people who'd be interested in your show in London. If you provide the details, I'll give them the heads up.

Happy travels!

sweetie pie press said...

i am in ljubljana right now!

and i will be posting a link to my show schedule when i finally manage to get it all figured out. it has been outstandingly difficult to keep on top of this one.