Sunday, September 26, 2010



i write this note from the cramped yet wifi-rich climes of pearson international airport. i have not said much about it, but i am on my way to a five week performance tour of europe. as this is mostly a performance tour, i probably won't be posting all the gory details here. i will leave this space for wild travel stories and art/craft related exploits (i feel my ten days in berlin with leah may yield some of the latter).

but as for now, i sit at the precipice of two flights, one train ride, sixteen plus hours and a whole heap of nervous crochet. by tomorrow night, i should be in ljubljana, slovenia. crazy!

i should also report that i forgot all my makeup at home (for shows more than life) so i am typing this with a fresh mac makeover of powders, sticks and creams. i am dressed like a greasy slob, so this must be quite ridiculous. i also wept after a last wave at aitor through the security screens. very unexpected, indeed. for all of our bickering on the road, this is the longest we have been apart in a long while. i guess...i am used to our closeness.

happy birthday, sweetie. have fun hiding my stuff and smoking in the shower while i am away.

oh, they are boarding the plane. adventure beckons!

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