Tuesday, September 28, 2010

slovenly in slovenia.

no pictures.

after more than a whole day awake, i was too tired on the train from graz to even lean over and unpack my camera from the backpack. so i looked out the window, dreamily trying to take in the landscape while drifting in and out of nods. my back hurt a lot.

things i remember, pictures logged in my mind: chocolate coloured rivers near to (and sometimes all the way) bursting their banks; plaster fallen off brick walls; three perfectly complicated and askew antennae on the roof of a crumbly home; small, old train platforms in small, old towns; drizzle on the window. at one point, i looked hazily out the window and thought i was back in the smoky mountains.

right before we pulled into ljubljana, my nose started bleeding. it was time to rest.

the city is old and lovely and i look forward to exploring it more coherently and attentively in the coming week. but for now, i need my body and mind to catch up to their new location. this sort of travel is so far from natural.

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elisabetha said...

holy smokes -- you sure are far, far away. rest up, and looking forward to hearing about your travels.
lisa x