Sunday, June 6, 2010

new digs (or squatting in a brooklyn park).

renegade brooklyn 2 (8)b

day two of renegade brooklyn, we found a new place to set up. yesterday's digs were a bit too dusty for us to deal with. these are the challenges that face outdoor shows; in the process of doing layout, it is nearly impossible to tell what spots will be in a dirt pile, or by a buggy shrub. speaking of shrubs, you may notice that our new set-up juts out. that is because there was a small tree behind us. i love this spot, though. cramming ourselves in here made this strip of the fair feel like a little village. and we got to visit with our friends from bettula.

i did not find too much time for browsing today. fighting the grime off our my stuff, chatting with people and drinking copious amounts of water took up most of my time. after the small explosion of rain and wind passed through (far less than expected), i did manage to take a walk around. based on the detritus strewn throughout the park, it seems that areas outside of some little patches like our new village were much more violently terrorized by the wind. the craftermath of these shows always gets to me - all the junk leftover and abandoned - but new yorkers have a way of absoring and using it immediately. plus, that boy below pulling a branch apart made me feel hopeful about our post-apocalyptic future in general.

renegade brooklyn 2 (20)b

renegade brooklyn 2 (23)b

but back to the point: among the vendors who stuck it out to renegade's sunny and warm conclusion, i found the totally lovely booth of miniature rhino. someone had asked at our booth about a woman typing letters, and our fancies were immediate piqued. i am so glad i happened up jessica at the end of the day. the sense of kindred outlook was palpable (although i find her aesthetic much cleaner than my own and she brings more bespoke work to fairs). check it:

renegade brooklyn 2 (25)b

renegade brooklyn 2 (26)b

renegade brooklyn 2 (28)b

renegade brooklyn 2 (29)b

over on that end of the park, the fair closed out with a country guitar/african drumming sing-along. i now understand that that is how all craft fairs should end.

renegade brooklyn 2 (30)b


Claire Louise Milne said...

you really captured the mood here, thanks for the glimpses. I love the constellation embroidery.

jessica/miniature rhino said...

hey becky! awesome to meet you and Aitor. thanks for the kind post & pics. i learned a new word, bespoke. did you find that typewriter place? see you in LA!!


Cassie said...

This looks like it was so much fun! I just stumbled across your blog thanks to my friend McKenzie (, who linked here. I'm glad I did! Great photos, and also great links to other awesome blogs! So thanks for that. I need to incorporate more photography into my blog, because other people's pictures are so fun to look at. (And I don't mean that in a creepy way.) Looking forward to reading more of your stuff!