Monday, June 7, 2010

vestiges with a schmear.

finally, on our last day in new york, we managed to squeeze in a visit with our friend louie and squeeze some classic jewish deli fare into our bellies. two kinds of borscht! it's sad that this once ubiquitous type of establishment is disappearing from the manhattan landscape, but it's our good luck that louie knows where to find one of the remaining ones.

manhattan (14)b

speaking of disappearances, jessica from miniature rhino sent us on the path of the gramercy typewriter co. in the flatrion district (i think). we saw her lovely letter writing service at renegade and started prodding her for ribbon sources. although founded as a typewriter repair company, gramercy now mostly deals in the repair of brother printers. they work out of a small office space but are very knowledgeable about all sorts of typewriter repair. i should have asked to take pictures inside the office but i got shy. i am not used to the close quarters of new york city and felt very much in their space already. we left with some new(ish) ribbon bought out from ko-rec-type. only time will tell if it has maintained its moisture. gramercy will also do things like replace your platens, too. it's nice to know that some old things can still be maintained. i could see a spring in the reverend's step as we walked out.

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