Sunday, June 6, 2010

donut or die.

the hipster coffee shop by the park (which i hear is awfully good) was closed at the early hour we trundled down yesterday so we went for a walk in search of morning liquids. a nice man with a fresh looking iced coffee directed us towards peter pan, our new favourite coffee shop in greenpoint (we didn't have an old one, but still...). it is a totally perfect donut and pastry shop one dollar coffee (decent by aitor's reports), one dollar tea (again, just lipton) and excellent donuts. they also have a small, winding counter to sit at, a staff of young uniformed polish ladies and a constant stream of police officer patrons (for real). peter pan became our two-day morning tradition while at renegade. our few daily moments at the counter sharing donuts (french twist, toasted coconut, and red velvet to date) and sipping hot, cheap things really takes the edge off the no sleep we have been getting. this place is the best.

peter pan (4)

peter pan (8)b

peter pan (10)b

peter pan (11)b


shannongerard said...

i love that cracked open, bitten in half, red donut.

Jennifer Young said...

those donuts look so tasty...

sweetie pie press said...

i kind wish i had one right now.