Friday, June 4, 2010


while on the road, we try to hook up a string of mailing addresses so that we can get supplies and mail from home. sometimes, special friends use these addresses for the kindliest of purposes. when i manged to pick up my packages, i was delighted to find my brooklyn 'mail box' filled with goodies from leah in berlin.

see me modelling this shirt? it is for leah's band with some doodling done by yours truly. sorry for the weird face i am making. aitor says he knows that face well; it's what i look like when i am concentrating. truly, it was hard to take that picture in a mirror in such low light. i had to flip the picture, too, to make the artwork make sense. i guess this is how you see me. i just think my part is on the wrong side. you know what else? i feel like a total moron that it took me until i was in front of a mirror trying against hope to photograph my own chest to realize that nadja is basically aidan backwards. very clever, guys. rock on, too. i miss you.

nadja shirt

and look what else i got:

german goodies

squished pennies (euros?), cola powder, fizzy cubes, itching powder and a reindeer antler key chain from helsinki! what loot (i know, i know, the key chain is for aitor). thank you, little leah. you brightened my week.


vendel.ín said...

this nadja tshirt is awesome. and your weird face is nice. :)

Eli said...

that envelope with the map inside is...awesome! i love it.

Mama said...

All I can do is quote Kit when I say "Get that FACE off your HEAD!"

leah b said...

those recycled map envelopes are security envelopes, german style. i thought you might appreciate it.

also, i'm super happy to see your face! above your awesome shirt!

i miss you.