Friday, June 4, 2010

animal invasion.

fastwurms (2)b

exhibit a:
new custom order for the power plant. attached to an upcoming group show opening june 18, these buttons were made for new collectible sets by fastwürms. i couldn't find any direct links for the duo (pipe up if you know one) but they are an art/witchery collaboration from toronto/creemore. i actually can't believe i don't know more about their work. here's yet another research project for my return to toronto.

sarah mcneil (1)b

sarah mcneil (2)b

exhibit b:
two new sweetie pie button sets designed by wee aussie and erstwhile/brief co-inhabitant of my apartment, sarah mcneil. entitled cats and other cats, they do much to support the idea that the whole world has gone cat crazy. they also inhabit sarah's very special view of the world in muted colours and austere demeanour.

alligators (1)b

exhibit c:
bucking the cat trend, anda corrie has developed a new button set for the sweetie pie press with some voracious alligators on them. anda has a long history with alligators, but more on that later when these sets are released for real. and look at the genius of her sets (below). i can't believe i have gone this long without making buttons like this. this is why i keep genius friends like anda.

alligators (7)b


Jen Anisef said...

a) all of these buttons are great
b) i am going to the power plant show tonight!
c) do you remember mike's potato pipe (toxic if actually smoked). it's by fastwurms. here is a link to their paul petro page:

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

My brother has taken care of those cats! Fastwurms live on an acreage near Guelph. They have seven cats I think. The cats like to go on guided walks and will sit with you on hay bales and watch the sunset.

sweetie pie press said...

i somehow knew that everyone would have connections to those fastwürms and their witchy ways/familiars.