Saturday, September 19, 2009

getting sorted.

today was a day of postal servitude and computer work (always, always). even with an endless work week, i have been trying to commit at least a few minutes a day to sorting something in the apartment. with the holiday craft fair season looming, i know time is not going to become more relaxed and this place is a sty!

today's victories were small but satisfying.

...a sorted drawer that houses our totes, rags, tea towels and bag flags. there is a lot of craft scene represented in my collection of totes. accepting that i am a billboard when i shop for groceries, i like to choose my advertisers carefully.

i also got a new bread box at the parkdale sally anne yesterday. for some reason, aitor has been asking me about bread boxes and i have resisted them until now. then i saw this one and, presumably, sensed its perfect match to our travel percolator. i have to be honest, we don't eat much bread so it is mostly devoted to teas, strainers and mate supplies. it certainly tidied up our fluid enhancement station. oh yes, this area is clearly deigned for a microwave but we held strong and resisted having one. i am glad we did. i know myself; i work too much and if we had a microwave i would never actually cook. also, they scare me because i am basically old.

this next part is kind of gross, but informative...

we bought some hormone moth traps in the spring in an attempt to combat our wool-eating interlopers and i found this one tucked away on top of our cupboards. turns out they only worked on the brown food moths (we had been given false hope by a well-meaning friend) and about a dozen of them have come through our place in the last six months. sure, i am happy to not be eating moths but we were really excited at the prospect of defending our woolly winter coats. it's back to the lavender sachets and prayer, i guess.


Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

your kitty looks almost exactly like my kitty! kitty twins.

your tidiness is inspiring me. i need to learn to tidy a few minutes a day, too. i also learned "touch it once" from a friend the other day ... if you are holding something, just put it where it's supposed to be, the first time. don't just lump it in a pile thinking you'll do it later. JUST DO IT! it's been sort of working for me. :)

sweetie pie press said...

this practice of yours only works with things that already have a set place to go. i am trapped in a more fundamental problem these days within my home.

i wish it was all as tidy as it looks in carefully framed images. i wish that so much.