Friday, September 18, 2009

bottles and jars.

pictures here are some tiny bottles that i have prepared for a mysterious future purpose. i will give you a hint: it has to do with crafts, small towns, and hotel canzine.

today (and most days lately) was mired in relatively boring but very important computer work. i did get to make it out of the apartment once, though - bank (stupid), post office, salvation army (a distraction). on the way out into the world, i did manage to stop into coriander girl - parkdale's newest (and only?) fancy flower shop. i had noticed it while it was in the works but just managed to shove my nose in the door yesterday. what can i say? i am a sucker for window orchids. while peering at them yesterday, i discovered that the shop is owned by alison - a lady i had met through the workroom.

today i was able to take a better look inside (my thursday babysitting charge had his own needs yesterday that didn't include flowers). i was happy to discover that alison had a huge jar of lavender for sale by the scoop, too. i have been meaning to make sachets to combat my constant moth scourge but didn't manage to grow lavender this year. what's better - i live right around the corner so i can bring my own jars in for filling! she'd probably be nice enough to scoop into your jars, too.

i have to say, my preconceptions of the nouveau parkdale fancy flower shop were challenged by alison's business choices. pre-made bouquets are $20 and she offers mini-bouquets for $3-$5. they make use of small cast-offs from the bigger bouquets and put forward more affordable shots of life and colour for budget-constrained neighbourhood homes.

so here we have it - out urban village's first florist. go stop in.


michelle/nft said...

Looks lovely! And thanks for the lavender tip - I was wondering where I could find some. I'll stop by tomorrow when I'm at the Queen West Art Crawl.

karyn said...

i'm curious about your little jars and happy you found al's shop. i saw you yesterday walking queen with your young 'charge'.

sweetie pie press said...

yeah, my thursday charge is hilarious. it's a good dose of child time for me, too.