Sunday, September 20, 2009

getting out.

this afternoon, aitor and i made it out of the apartment in time to catch the tail end of the queen west art crawl at trinity bellwoods park. it was overwhelming, especially for two caged animals like ourselves, but the day was beautiful and it was so nice to stroll around.

i got camera shy (or maybe taking pictures made me feel like i was working), so i only snapped a few pictures of the tent of artist heather marchand. she wasn't there and i felt like a thief taking pictures without asking. apologies, ms. marchand. but your work is lovely and i wanted to share it with a friend.

i also picturelessly appreciated the tar and plexiglas wild west outlaws of neil klassen; and the architectural/portrait/nautical prints of gillian wilson. i think i am dreaming of living in a two-dimensional screen printed town now, thanks to ms. wilson.

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