Thursday, July 2, 2009

size matters.

ladies and gentlemen, please bestow a warm reception to the first two 3" buttons to come off my brand new machine. yes. three inch buttons. so now when people ask if i have anything bigger than 1 inch buttons i can say "yes, i make three inch buttons."

i told you there would be announcements after my last visit to usa buttons.

i have a couple of projects in the works related to this new machine (yup, this one puts ribbons on buttons if desired). you will hear more about that soon. but first, i have photographed the first one off the press in proximity to a child's face (for scale). thank you, max, for your ultimate cooperation. the artwork on the button below is a collaboration between the two of us.

now, off to explore saint louis.

1 comment:

karyn said...

yeehaw! i'm excited about the new massive buttons you'll be making!