Friday, July 3, 2009

gateway city getaway.

photo by reverend aitor

yesterday was spent with important missions into saint louis (we are actually staying just outside of the city in southern illinois). the observant among you will notice that we not driving our trusty station wagon, boris. this is because our gracious hosts felt that break-ins were imminent with our stuffed vehicle so shannah was kind enough to lend us her car for the day. air conditioning and a reclining seats! we felt our own ages for a moment. okay, we are easily impressed but also, madly grateful for a day's escape from our own greasy lives.

the wax museum that melissa keeps emphatically touting was "closed for renovations" and slated to "reopen the first week of july." when i pointed out that it was the first week of july, the fellow on the other end of the phone got cagey. maybe next time. this narrowed down our decisions, anyway, and we ended up going to the equally touted (but for other reasons) city museum.

the museum houses an impressive display of interactive sculpture and hidden curiosities. i particularly liked the collection of things found in old saint louis latrines and the display of architectural adornments.

i was less enthusiastic about the kiosks trying to sell trinkets or food at every turn and the employees' lack of desire to be of any help. even the keen lady at the info desk told me that the museum is exploratory and that they don't have any exhibits. she did this in front of a sign for the architectural exhibit. i get the idea that this is a place for adults to feel like kids but we are not as small as kids and i don't feel like 'discovering' what size tube i will get stuck in. maybe i was just hungry. aitor was getting annoyed at my lack of whimsical zeal. what can i say? when the clock is ticking, i want more scrimshaw and less slides. call me a jerk.

...not that slides aren't fun in their own gross ways.

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Melissa said...

Did you go to the SHOELACE FACTORY at the museum? I forgot to tell you about that. I am so ashamed.

I have a present for you and one for Aitor.