Wednesday, June 24, 2009

goofing on the flattening land.

we kicked around milwaukee this morning, taking advantage of the comforts of faythe's home, doing work and making plans. in the early afternoon, we made our way back to west bend to revisit usa buttons (i have an impending announcement to make about that visit, but not quite yet). we took our time, didn't rush (a habit of mine) and did some needful thrifting. we always have a wish list on the go and, due to budget limitations, usually have to wait until we happen upon the perfect thing (aitor's portable percolator and eye glass frames come to mind). in spite of her pleading/condeming gaze, this little lady did not find her way home with us:

we ended the day very early (and not very far from milwaukee) at a motel in madison, wisconsin. sometimes the added work time is better than driving all night. also, this place boasted a pool. it's a billion degrees (so much so that the highways around here are buckling) so we took it. we had to do a good resorting of the car, anyway. the skies are really starting to open up. i love that part of driving west.

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