Tuesday, June 23, 2009

america's drinking hole.

milwaukee has the best nickname. after rolling in this evening, though, we did not have much drinking in us. we had been sweating profusely for hours as we tried to escape chicago in blistering heat with no air conditioning.

before leaving chicago, i did manage to go visit jamie at clothes optional and stock the shop up with lots of new buttons. i also bought a skirt and wore it out the door. those jeans were threatening to extinguish my will to live.

but back to milwaukee. we arrived to find faythe outside, trying to cool down. the beautiful mural had just been painted over at paper boat (or now, i guess, what used to be paper boat) and it just looked like a big empty space. bittersweet, said faythe. bittersweet.

we went out to a bar where the photobooth is polaroid and aitor made himself look fat. me, i just got a headache immediately and drank gallons of water. too pooped to really party, we all walked back to faythe's through a park with a pond then settled into a quiet evening of making friendship bracelets and rehydrating on coconut milk. making friendship bracelets took me back to my arts and crafts days at summer camp. all my skillz were still there! and faythe and i imagined grown-up versions of them since we are now very serious adults who think big.

i love faythe's home; it's so easy to slip into. the walls are covered with beautiful things. faythe excels at many things, but complicted curation is surley one of them.

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