Monday, June 22, 2009

coming to port without a coast.

look at the care with which reba displayed my secret messages at no coast. the shop is closed today, but i have been fortunate enough to sneak in and set up office for the entire day. chicagoans (and other itinerants), did you know that you can rent this space and use its silkscreening facilities for something crazy like $50/week? it's such a deal for getting projects done.

for my part, i dug myself out of an email hole (well, partly) and managed to get the city of craft applications up online today! this year we have a swanky new online form which i am very proud of. i owe big thanks to graeme bunton for helping me through the process. now get on down to applying, citizens.


Graeme Bunton said...

You are most welcome.

sweetie pie press said...

awww, my favorite web spy. what brought you here? google alerts or referrer logs?