Sunday, June 21, 2009

a day in a window (and a little more).

photo by fuzzy gerdes

today was my day to sit on display for an entire work day. i have to say, i quite enjoyed the experience. i got to uncle fun a little early to set up my tiny cross-legged office and settled into the hard work of going through the security envelope submissions i accumulated while on the last leg of this year's tour.

first i got to go through a great package from erin dollar, a portland-based artist and beard maker:

her collection contained some old favorites and a couple of new discoveries. i don't think i had that diamond-zigzag one. hopefully, it is not some corporate branding sneaking its way into my project. those corporations are nothing if not sneaky. the cross-hatch with the orange/yellow background is also a new discovery, for sure.

next, i went through a package from renee. renee and i arranged a swap a while back after i saw her beautiful security envelope pendants and spied a few new patterns in the mix. as it turns out, she has decided to decorate her wedding entirely in flowers made from the blue patterns so i offered her some surplus (there is more coming, renee, don't you worry). here is her package to me:

there were so many new patterns in this batch - lots of new background colours and this amazing bird and letter abstract that i did not get a good picture of. of course, i also loved that so many of the scraps came to me die cut and pre-punched with flower and gift tag shapes. it made me feel like part of a big aesthetic assembly line of reuse.

speaking of reuse, my scraps get set aside for st. louis artist, bruce burton. i don't know what he plans to do with them but a lot of his art is based on collections and arrangements of things, so i am sure something interesting is in the works. and i apologize to shannah for sending more clutter to your pretty home.

and that was that for an entire day in the window - two packages sorted. it's good to realize how labour intensive this particular project is. at home there are always distractions to distract me from staying on track. in spite of a bit of chatting today, i realize that this really does take a lot of time. thank you, uncle fun! i had a veritable blast. even more so when we got to go upstairs for a circuit bending workshop...

what fun! they do this sort of thing from time to time, so you should probably find a way to get on their mailing list and stay informed. uncle fun is the best.

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MyUglyKitty said...

Awesome! I'll keep collecting for you too!