Saturday, June 20, 2009

on display.

there's a little gem from the 1940's that i picked up at a thrift shop on the way out of ann arbor yesterday. perhaps it holds all the secrets of my dream retirement in which i run a shop in the 1940's. it does have a "retailers wheel of fortune" and other great charts throughout. yes, a wise investment. speaking of merchandising, aitor is currently taking the concept to a whole new level in the window of local novelty shop extraordinaire, uncle fun. billy (the manager) has launched an artist-in-the-window series that has become so popular its monthly slots are booked up until forever now. we managed to squeeze in by taking an off weekend and trying to spread the word ourselves. oh yes, i will be in the window tomorrow. a taste of things to come:

aitor is unflattering people (starting with a child today) but i will just be installed making security envelope buttons all day. if you want in on that picky/insane process feel free to come ogle. then you can go inside and buy some rubber vomit.

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