Saturday, May 16, 2009

trenton avenue arts festival.

we spent today outside at the trenton avenue arts festival in philadelphia, a local street fair that we were encouraged to get ourselves into by some philly friends. it also boasts a kinetic sculpture derby (hence the flying monkeys above). the weather forecast called for clouds and possible showers (a situation that has bitten us before in this city) so we were extra happy to find that the clouds only produced rain for one brief moment and was warmly cloudy the rest of the time. the day was spent chatting with nice people and watching an endless cavalcade of strangeness walk by the tent.

i was too busy to get to walk around much but i did manage to stray from the tent long enough to find a favorite table of the day. i ended up buying a ghost brooch for my growing ghost art collection from artist greta scheing. she and her partner ron also collaborate (i think) on this incredible paper cut-out modular home under the name daymaker. art of place, mathematical figuring and clean design - how could i not fall in love?

of course, hazel got in on the action for all of ten minutes, too.

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Tara Bursey said...

That lady with all the boobies is funny.