Sunday, May 17, 2009

grand day out at the italian market.

did i mention the amazing picnic basket that i thrifted in ohio with a full mustard coloured set inside? it has totally changed and improved my portable display. this is a good thing because at ten dollars it seemed beyond my meagre budget at the time.

it helped a great deal today in devising a card-table-sized display to bring to the italian market. we accompanied julie who both has experience in guerrilla street vending and the italian market connections to find somewhere to set up without hassle. it was a minimal display but a step towards the craft fair holy grail of portability and acceptable aesthetics.

this has been a pretty self-absorbed posting, so i will leave you with this to help find your way out of here:


Dionne said...

What marvelous bits and pieces! So pretty! I would love to see a stall like this at the markets around my place!!

kristyn said...

Oohh.. i love the Philadelphia Italian market!