Tuesday, May 19, 2009

all business philly day.

today we stole some children and did some very important business around town. we started with a visit to our friend paul's brand new print shop, fireball printing, to pick up some of hazel's ghost prints. the place is huge as are so many such spaces in philly. i was also excited that a clean cut man in black pants and a tie was repairing one of the copiers when we got there. he looked like an old timey door-to-door solicitor.

shiny new prints in hand, we all went down to northern liberties for a meeting with art star. me, aitor and hazel all had appointments. it was hazel's first store meeting which i am happy to report went very well, indeed.

hazel's first store sale, caught on camera. look at that pile of cuteness. those are art star proprietresses, erin and megan sealing the deal. after a successful day out, we decided to push our luck with a very long and misguided goose chase to south street. lessons learned: if you take directions from a fifteen-year-old, you might end up peeing in a scary alley for lack of working bathrooms in the vicinity. in spite of our long pointless journey, we did stumble into some points of interest (see below). what else is new?

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