Friday, May 15, 2009

philadelphia family.

having settled immediately into our adoptive philadelphia family, we woke up (from our five chihuahua bed) and got right to work making art with hazel. hazel has definitely expanded her repertoire of ghost art (a true soft spot of mine) into a whole community of spectres.

she has been selling prints of these at craft fairs alongside her mother's jewelery. i think this stuff is so great that i plan on taking her to my store meeting with art star.

as the day progressed, we hopped a ride to northern liberties to take a poke around with our lovely host family. julie has taken a job programming outdoor vendors for a new piazza there and we wanted to go give it a look. it's always interesting to me when big time property developers decide to invade warehouse area with their slickness. at best, the old charm of these areas still poke through but sometimes the new sheen makes me sad. still, the piazza is lovely and i am looking forward to spending a day there at the philadelphia independent craft market next weekend.

on the way home, hazel stumbled into a whole new level of audience engagement. i know i probably shouldn't encourage this type of stuff in some ways, but i would rather discuss with her the power of using this language and what it means. oh, who am i kidding? it was making me laugh. i am a terrible person.

sorry, world.


shannongerard said...

fuck you with wavy curtains? i would not mind getting cussed at if it was staged in this particular loveliness.

at if it? whoa.

shannongerard said...

i came back hours later to look at this again. fuck you hazel.

toronto craft alert said...

third picture up may be my fave picture ever taken. were i not at work it would be my desktop. way to go, auntie becky!

Jackson5 said...

This is great, I laughed my ass off. It reminded me of the time I saw a miniature middle finger fly out of a stroller once!