Saturday, April 4, 2009

what's right is wright (or vice versa).

above are some new custom buttons for the doug wright awards. the images of nipper originate from doug wright but were drawn by seth, the comic strip title text was scanned from a newspaper and pigskin peters is by jimmy frise.

i was very happy to get to contribute in some way to this year's wright awards, which annually honour canadian comics artists. doug wright, himself, is an artist about whom i would have know nothing were it not for these awards and a great amount of effort (done in large part by seth, i believe) to bring his work back into public knowledge. you can and should read more about mr. wright here as well as learning more about a growing list of northerly comics artists here.

i won't be in toronto for the awards proper, so i also want to make sure that i give a big shout out to sweetie pie pal, ray fenwick, for his nomination for excellence in what amounts to the deviant/weirdo category. there is no better place to be!

correction pointed out to me by sean craig - pigskin peters is a jimmy frise character but was drawn for these buttons by seth. thanks, sean!

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