Friday, April 3, 2009

a week in review.

white heart by shannon gerard
(has nothing to do with this post but hangs on my wall when not pinned to my sweaters).

my sweetie pie brother has been in town all week so, in spite of heaps of work and a major postal disaster i have been untangling, i managed to go out more this week than i normally would in a year. i ended up struck by the incredible amount of talent possessed by the people i know in this town. we didn't do anything that i hated (rare), so i will just run down the week's itinerary. i recommend all this stuff.

sunday -
ghost jail theatre. okay, i am pretty hard on improv so i will say that the improvised soap opera that opened for this show should find its own weekly slot somewhere. a serialized show that runs erratically as an opening set for another show doesn't make much sense. but this company and all involved are very charming and funny.

monday -
#1: ryan kamstra's murder folk night at katharine mulherin gallery. great! wonderful! amazing! terrifying! fun! engaging! murderific! pretty!
#2: danny shapiro's awkward show and tell at the victory cafe. awkward! squirmy! voyeuristic! funny! thrilling! weird! everything!

tuesday -
night off

wednesday -
jewish food from st. lawrence plaza and then the gravity wave volunteer appreciation show. it opened with a hypnotist! the most laughs i had all week even though my brother doesn't hypnotize easily. their set was great and i enjoyed the new video for buffalo jump by kristen white most of all. it is simple and involved marching around (two things that appeal to me).

thursday -
the phonemes + laura barrett at the tranzac. a perfect show from top to tail with one particular song reaching a state beyond perfection through the theremin virtuosity of john tielli. laura and magali are leaving on tour together right now and heading west, go find them!

go see everything in toronto, too!

and thank you to the people i know for being so full of great ideas, energy, pluck and vinegar.


kristyn said...

i am jealous that you got to see the phenomes and laura barrett..I almost drove into toronto for that one...
hopefully they will do some ontario shows too..i have my fingers crossed for kingston

sweetie pie press said...

i thought they would be in the big space but they were in the small front room which made everything the best.