Sunday, April 5, 2009

experiments in bribing people to be nice to me: a success (or, surprise, surprise).

first off, i would like to thank everyone who replied to my impromptu secret contest. it was nice to lure so many of you out of lurkerdom and also to hear you say nice things about me. to be honest, i was only expecting things like "you make nice buttons" and was blown away by all the responses. i actually felt a little guilty reading all this nice stuff - as though i had demanded that a group of friends and strangers be kind to me for a prize. in spite of any guilt, the appreciation was also avariciously absorbed. early spring always makes me a little blue and hearing that people look at my work and like it is helping me slough off that winter shell.

it is also wildly thrilling to me to find out where the things i have made end up. i know through my record keeping that i have made over 100,000 buttons. once you add all the zines and hats and neck warmers and drawings and shirts and prints and miscellaneous things, it works out to lots and lots of stuff. it boggles my mind to think where all that stuff ends up. and i find it calming to know that one button was on a streetcar and one button was in peterborough and two are at petra's place, etc. etc.

which brings us (in a roundabout kind of way) to our impromptu contest winner. it seems that the early bird gets the worm in this case and my mysterious care package (don't worry, it is full of 100% stuff) will be going to tina of a tiny studio. although everyone who commented would have been deserving of gifts in his or (who are we kidding?) her own way, i am glad to be giving a nice big care package to someone brand new to craft blogging. i visited tina's blog and was happy to be able to read the whole thing in under fifteen minutes. welcome to the fabulous world of obesessive self-documentation, tina. and get in touch to arrange delivery/hand-off of your goodies. if you are a fan of the workroom, maybe you want to pick it up at the hunt and gather trunk show that karyn and i are putting on together.

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tina said...

omg! I can't believe this! Not only did I won the care pack, I got mentioned on the sweetie pie press blog! =D This is turning out to be a super sweet weekend!

I have to say tho, it is a little embarrassing, yet weirdly satisfying, to see the mention of my blog… I guess I am still not quite comfortable with the idea of public craft life recording. I'll work on it!

And yes. I will be at the hunt and gather show! I will just identify myself.