Monday, April 6, 2009

the trampoline hall money show is tonight.

i have written quite a bit about tonight's show (or, more so, the stuff i have made to go along with it) but i did want to make sure i gave one last rundown of ticket stuff and, most importantly, thank all the people who worked/will work on this show.

first, the tickets: i know they are sold out at soundscapes and have been for a few days. door tickets go on sale at 6:30pm at sneaky dee's (info here). because this month's tickets were printed on five dollar bills, it seems that there could be a few more rush tickets available at the door than usual. usually, tickets can not be spent on other things like...chocolate bars or gum. also, we never told anybody but i also stamped a few twenties and tens and then just spent them on things. if you find any of those bills, you can just show them at the door and come in for free. this seems very unlikely to me but i would be excited if it happens.

and the fine people who helped bring the show together are...

for this installment only -
lectures by sara peel, andrew gardner and peter stevens
readings by rebecca northan and anand rajaram
set design by serena marie mccarroll (with help from chris mccarroll)
shredded money donated by jeannie kamins
fedexing by john td keyes and anne garber

for all installments -
hosting and being in charge by misha glouberman
art direction by margaux williamson
door and insight by carl wilson
door and tickets by lauren bride
set up and break down by laurie mcgregor, rev. aitor, michael higginson & rebekah hakkenberg
sound engineering by matt smith
inventing the show by sheila heti

see you there!

ps - buy buttons. i made extra this time.

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