Wednesday, April 22, 2009

sick leave.

i took the picture above of my busy living room coffee table trunk back on friday when i was planning on regaling you, internet, with boastful tales of all the crap i was about to accomplish - two craft fairs in two days (one in brantford), a fundraiser show around the corner and other marvelous wonders.

but then i went to a meeting on friday, came home, took a nap and woke up not knowing where i was. this was the beginning of the most delirious fever i have had since being very little. it's been close to a week and i am just coming out of it now. i did manage to medicate myself enough to make it to the hunt and gather trunk show but otherwise, i have been a shut in for days - and not a particularly ambulatory one, at that.

i do have some pictures and things to go through from last week and the trunk show so i should be filling in some blanks here over the next day or so. but i should also mention that my first big outing will be to haul my weakened ass over to the knit cafe tonight to celebrate earth day amid the plastic corals of our reef display. come, won't you. you can experience my new bedraggled look in person.

but for now...i will attempt a triumphant return to solid foods.


Summer said...

Oh dear...feel better soon! I had the flu a couple of weeks ago or so and fortunately it was more of a 24 thing...but not a fun way to celebrate spring.

sweetie pie press said...

i am definitely on the upswing. i couldn't even think two days ago. i still have to rebuild my strength but it's nice to be able to function again.

michelle said...

Sorry to learn that you were so sick! Call me selfish, but I'm glad you still made it to the Trunk Show because it was really nice to meet you. And thanks again for the freebie security buttons - I love them!

Hope you feel 100% soon.