Monday, April 27, 2009

a return to business as unusual.

well, in a few days, this blog will return to its most popular roots as a chronicle of strange travels and independent art on the road.

this upcoming trip may be shorter than previous outings but it is no less manic, crazy and potentially pointless.

this time, however, i hope to be able to publish our travel plans in advance so that you, a sea of friends and strangers, can help us shape our journey into something mildly less insane than we would create on our own. tips and recommendations are highly valued in this pursuit.

until then, i will just leave you with one of the many ways that aitor has become more famous while i have been languishing in endless illness (swan flu?).


Jill said...

There is a guy who sports Aitor's look who I see around Uptown Minneapolis. I really really hope we run into him while you're here. It makes me excited every time!

Anonymous said...

Crochet lessons pleeeeaaase!


sweetie pie press said...

if that's jamie from indianapolis, you've got it! i'll pack some yarn. spin some yarn and i will show you how to hook it up!

sweetie pie press said...

and for jill - things do happen from time to time.

michelle said...

Wishing you happy and safe travels!