Friday, April 17, 2009

potential in the form of seeding pots.

this is me trying to be useful in that craft blog kind of way. see? i am sprouting things (hopefully) and had to come up with some brilliant way to line all these seeding pots up on our narrow kitchen window sill. after some chin scratching and eyes darting around the apartment, i came upon an answer - the glass tops from old mason jars. i have a pretty big collection of these canadian classics and have even amassed a bunch of jarless tops just in case i happen upon topless jars (and also because we are a bit clumsy around here).

don't worry, this temporary usage won't ruin them. they are glass, after all.

and there you have it. domestic craft lady blog tip.


karyn said...

so useful!

don't ever show me your amazing glass mason jar collection... i will be soo jealous that i won't be able to stand it.

Unknown said...

After following your blog for a few months, I think you are anything but a domestic craft lady. This is one of my favorite eccentric blogs that I have ever come upon. Keep creating! I love it!

sweetie pie press said...

a) karyn: you will be extra jealous of the crazy mason jar score i just had in pennsylvania.

b) me? eccentric? no way! i might be the most normal person in my immediate family.