Wednesday, April 15, 2009

public art.

i saw two things on my way to get groceries today.


shannongerard said...

I know those two things! They are two of the loveliest things around! One of them lives really near you.

shannongerard said...

Thing 1:

Thing 2:

Nightjar Books said...

Thing 1 is my favourite. Such perfect folding!!

karyn said...

oh, i likey! i wish all the time for more public art to appear.

sweetie pie press said...

to shan,

i knew that thing 2 looked similar to some other things i saw at 'prints are like that' but i never know how much credit people want to take for their public things.

to karyn,

thing 1 made me think of this thing.

to amy,

i like thing 1 a lot, too, but wanted to pretend i didn't pick favorite. but i do pick favorites in almost every situation.

Unknown said...

Thought you might like to see this: