Thursday, March 19, 2009


today i went out on our little (yet highly appreciated) apartment deck to cut back the dead growth, throw out cracked pots and do some soil dispersing in preparation for spring gardening. guess what? i found some unsolicited growth peeking up under dead leaves. there were chives (above), thyme, and some strawberries! the two trees (one pine one maple) also pulled through the winter, but i expected this. the strawberry pot also hosted some other living things which might be a collection of trees. we will see when they start sprouting leaves. one way or another, i might have some plants to offer up in the coming months. first, i can't eat chives (they must have been planted by our subletters while we were on tour). i also don't think that twenty trees can grow in one pot together.

regardless, i was happy to encounter nature again in all her pluck and circumstance. it's reassuring to see other living things surviving a canadian winter with less effort than people seem to go through. now i am ready for the wind chills to taper off.

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Jill said...

"pluck and circumstance" - what a pleasing turn of phrase.